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Aby pokazać możliwości stempli kwiatowych marki AB Studio przygotowałam tutorial, na którym można poznać mój prosty sposób na kolorowanie stempli. Kiedy maluję grafiki, poświęcam im bardzo dużo czasu, natomiast kiedy jest potrzeba zrobić kartkę :) należy zrobić to w miarę szybko ... Przecież nikt nie będzie siedział nad kartką 30h...

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Kolejna inspiracja dla Soul And Journey zaowocowała layoutem, który wykonałam z nowej kolekcji papierów AB Studio "Be Gentle". Wykorzystałam do tej pracy arkusz bardzo subtelny i delikatny...

Journal cover with watercolor paper - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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Hi, today I have for you a very interesting tutorial on how to use jelly media and Brusho powders. The latter mixed with the former are still very intense just like Colourcraft paints. The only thing is jelly media increases the volume of ... media and it's perfect solution. 
I used AB Studio napkin stencil and 3 colors of Brusho powders to make the cover which I hope will turn into hand made journal. The mixture of powders and gel is put by means of a pallet knife so that it gives rainbow effect. 
I don't put it on the whole surface. The edges are sprinkled with powders and watercolor paper is sprayed with a big amount of water so that the powders dilute and mix colors. Such effect is possible only on high quality watercolor paper which I personaly work on.

"Bohemian Romance" - NEW paper collection designed by me for Canvas Corp Brands - 1.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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It is my great honour to introduce my second paper collection "Bohemian Romance" designed for CCB . This is the next collection with my own handmade flowers. It includes mixmedia sets, journaling cards and coloring paper sheets. My cooperation with CCB is at the start but soon it will bring new projects and not only paper ones. The collection is extremely colorful so that it will inspire you to realize your projects. I hope you will like it. Christine is so amazing that I feel wonderful when we can make something together. The result of our cooperation is below. I am really proud of it all

I am more than sure that only wonderful works such as junk journals, layouts, art journals, papers etc can be made by means of this paper...