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Gwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywna


Today I have a tutorial for you which shows how to use the juicy Lindy’s Magical powder colors on crackle paste to get the most stunning effects. I always use crackle pastes that crackle when dried with a heat gun, as this speeds up my work greatly.

1 768x565

I’ve used some of the wonderful Flat (no shimmer) colors Lindy’s Magicals to color this piece.

4 768x565

Now let me show you how to create this fabulous effect for yourself. 

8 768x565

8 768x565


  1. Glue canvas onto backing board and cover with gesso.
  2. Add collage papers and cover canvas in crackle paint (dry with heat tool).
  3. Add a little Magical powder to the canvas and spritz with water, then use a sponge to spread the color and blend – this way it get’s into all the little cracks made by the crackle paste.
  4. Add more Magicals as needed until the canvas is colored to your liking.
  5. Use Magicals mixed with texture paste to add designs through a stencil.
  6. To finish add embossing and collage elements.

I hope you will find something interesting in my film.

Once finished it is worth protecting the surface with varnish so that cracks and magical powders are fixed.

7 768x565


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